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What Our Customers Say

Let Our Clients Tell You Why They Choose Restoration Piping Technologies

We discovered a water leak in our slab home. We spent countless hours attempting to locate the leak. We were unsuccessful.

Restoration Piping's experienced service tech diagnosed the problem and provided us with an estimate for the cost of the repair. The technicians were able to epoxy coat the interior of my hot water lines from the bathrooms and kitchen and in turn stop the leak in one day! Once the epoxy coating was installed, the results were immediate. The epoxy coating technology is amazing.

Restoration Piping provided us with an alternative to removing walls, tiles and the concrete slab. I will highly recommend Restoration Piping and this excellent, new technology to anyone.

Best Regards,
John Dixon and Karen Forristal, Forest Park, Ohio

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Resoration Piping Technologies - 2030 Stapleton Court - Cincinnati, Ohio 45240 - (513) 851-1925