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The Better Solution
   ...Restore Don't Replace

Piecemeal pipe repair doesn't effectively remove all mineral build-up or reverse corrosion, so homeowners are eventually forced to overhaul entire systems with a complete replacement of plumbing lines (repipe).

Restoration Piping Technologies is the first to offer this innovative process to the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton areas. This patented process, "in place pipe restoration" restores your plumbing from the inside out.

It involves no noise, no mess, no dig, and no destruction.

Through the use of the patented Ace Duraflo® System, Restoration Piping Technologies can now coat and repair your copper or galvanized plumbing system with an epoxy barrier coating.

Restoration Piping Technologies is designed to repair and prevent pinhole leaks, increase flow in encrusted galvanized plumbing systems, and remove lead contaminates in potable water systems.

This patented technology is fast, clean, and very cost effective. The newly restored pipes are protected from corrosion, pitting, and scaling.

The ACE DuraFlo® System is designed to restore all metallic, concrete or asbestos piping systems, including copper, steel, galvanized and metallic piping and sprinkler systems. The rust and corrosion buildup within the pipe is removed to restore full water pressure. Pipes are then epoxy coated to protect against future corrosion and leaks.